Description / Nature of the product:
Water based adhesive.

Application by:
Spray gun, roller machine.

Adhesive for sole bonding, ideal for almost all types of materials used for soles and uppers. Bonding of leather, textile, artificial leather (PU, PVC and TR based) and other plastic materials.

Instructions for use:
It is necessary to use the halogenation process for rubber and TR soles. Follow the specific information for the pretreatment of soles and uppers.The bonding of the upper is obtained by heat reactivation process: After the applied adhesive is dried , it creates a transparent film which must be heated up to 65°C, then couple immediately and press.

Open Time:
With the addition of hardener, the adhesive can have a pot life of 4 hours and a useful time of 2 hours for the reactivation. Using the adhesive without hardener, from the time the adhesive film becomes dry, it has a useful time for the reactivation of up to 15 days. Storage conditions must be in the absence of dust and / or dirt and other types of contamination.

When highest heat resistance is requested, it is possible to add Hardener. When used as a pre-coat for soles, textiles or plastic materials, the recommended storage time is up to 15 days without losing tack strength after heat reactivation. In that case, the soles are pre-coated and fully dried (storage up to 3 weeks).