Intercom has been making great effort to ensure the highest quality future production technology.

We have experimented and developed fast, versatile, accurate and reliable automatic spraying systems for demanding applications in the leather goods industry.

Our automatic bonding systems are specially designed to provide:

  • Higher productivity - High precision
  • High speed - Simple and intuitive interface
  • Extreme flexibility - Easy handling
  • Elimination of idle times - Cost-effectiveness
  • Maximum system efficiency - Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Consistent cost of consumables - Predictable labour costs
  • Minimal environmental impact

Intercom is the only company that can guarantee the highest performance by combining the mechanics of its automatic systems with the chemistry of its Ecostick® adhesives for both of which we are responsible and guarantee the correct operation.

Our automatic bonding systems have been designed to handle different resolutions and can be adapted and tailored to satisfy the production needs of each company.

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