For more than 25 years, Intercom, a leader in the fields of leather and shoe production, has been providing its customers with full support and after sales technical service for its spraying and bonding systems, manual and automatic and for the water based adhesives and glues.

Intercom is the only company that does not only sell a product but mainly provides a new complete processing method that can substitute the conventional solvent and brush systems.

Intercom’s success is due to the fact that its sophisticated spraying systems are manufactured for the exclusive use with its Ecostick® adhesives.
Combining our working experience with our technical knowhow gained throughout the years, we can guarantee full technical support for each stage of working procedure because we are responsible for checking and handling both spraying systems and adhesives.

Our adhesives:

  • Are specifically produced to guarantee the highest ecological standards.
  • Minimize the risk of fire and explosion.
  • Do not create spot or dirt to the materials and do not cause problems to the sewing process.
  • Have low consumption because the adhesive quantity applied is absolutely lower than the solvent adhesive.
  • Have high production efficiency.

Intercom has a complete range of adhesives available to all markets worldwide, to satisfy the customer needs in terms of quality and price.

The main feature of Intercom adhesives, besides their superior quality, lies in the fact that each single product has been carefully designed to satisfy different bonding demands on different materials such as leather, textiles, synthetic leather, rubber, plastic, card boards and regenerated materials.

Fast and precise distribution, quick drying and extremely simple maintenance of our machines are the backbone of our success accomplished throughout the years.

The ideal combination of our sophisticated spraying systems and products is highly recommended to the shoe factory for the uppers, soles (rubber, TPS...), insoles and heels bandaging; to the leather factory for bags, wallets, belts and lamination applications.

Incorporating continuous research and development, we are certain that we can provide all necessary solutions for successful bonding of any type of materials without using solvent based adhesives.


Adhesives - Shoes and shoemakers - Supplies Leather Goods - Machinery and supplies.


Water-Based Adhesives

Sprinkler for Water Based Adhesives

Adhesives for Leather

Processing Machinery, Footwear


Spraying Systems for Shoe Factory

Sprinklers for Leather Goods

Machines for Leather Goods

Adhesives not Toxic and Odorless for Leather

Leather Adhesives

Polymer adhesives

Solvent-Based Adhesives

Water Based Glue


Machines for Cutting Leather

Automatic Machines for Leather Goods

Spray Systems

Adhesives not Toxic and Odorless

Gluing Machines for Leather Goods

Footwear Adhesives

Water Based Adhesive for Footwear

Plastic glues

Adhesives for shoe

Adhesives for Shoe

Spray Glue


Sprinklers for Water-Based Adhesives

Shoe Adhesives

Machines for Glues Leather

Water Based Bonding Adhesive

Adhesives not Toxic and Odorless for Leather Goods

Automatic Gluing

Machines for Leather

Water Based Adhesive




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