• Our core Corporate Mission is the implementation in the market of Water based adhesive technology, replacing Solvent adhesive, with consequent benefits on Health, Environment and Safety.

  • Our range of Intercom® Ecostick® brand adhesives includes only Water Based adhesives, no solvent based.

  • Intercom® Ecostick® brand adhesives have lowest V.O.C levels, including products with 0% V.O.C.

  • Intercom® R&D projects constantly move toward the target of highest sustainability of our products. Our R&D carefully follows REACH regulation, trying to achieve products that not only comply with the actual restrictions, but also with the expected next development of international regulations. We constantly sign MRSL and Compliance Letter of the major brands in our industry.

  • Packaging of our adhesives has a low plastic component so to minimizeits impact on the environment.

  • Our facility uses power supply coming from 50% renewable sources.

  • We ensure that our suppliers comply with our valuesin manufacturing the components they provide to us.

  • In our range of Intercom® Ecostick® brand adhesives, there are products with already a content of 75% of renewable components.

  • Our staff is composed by a 95% employees with permanent contracts.

  • Intercom® employees benefits of constant training periods during the whole year.

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