Item description: DV.5

Automatic machine suitable for all kind of perimetric bonding and /or for bonding any point of a piece placed on a flat surface. Equipped with 2 spray guns model G6 with adhesive nozzle mm 1,2 whose width of jet goes from a minimum of 3 mm up to a maximum of 22 mm with a mistake of +/- 1 mm.

The machine is equipped with industrial Computer, 6 megapixel telecamera, Ethernet card preset for remote access and monitor LCD 19".

Software for the management of 4 shafts X-Y-Z-W. Models editor software.

Automatic moving of the pallets: in this configuration are included a minimum of 13 pallets mm 850x615.

This configuration allows the operator to have always at his disposal 2 pallets in front of him where to place the materials and then take them back for the coupling phase.

The operator places the components to be bonded on the pallet; the pallet goes automatically inside the machine using a movement system, so the automatic moving of pallet takes place either clockwise, returning the already sprayed and dried pieces to the operator, or counter clockwise where, immediately after spraying, the pieces are transferred to the operator for direct bonding.

The operator does not need to move from his working place.

The machine is able to recognize the image of each component earlier photographed, the kind of bonding predefined by the models' editor software and to carry out the requested bonding on each component according to the following parameters: width in mm, distance from the edge and quantity of adhesive according to the absorption level of the material.

Thanks to the radio system it is possible to handle different models and working phases.

All instructions set by the operator are saved in a file and can be re-called with a simple click during the next working process.


Capacity m3/h: 3050Volt: 400 VacPrevalence: 53Air lt/min:Bar exercise: 0
Decibel (dB): <80Watt: 1500Hertz: 50Ampere: 7Average consumption: 1,5 KW-H
Gross Weight kg: 0Tare Kg: -765Lenght mt: 4,55Height mt: 2,52Volume m3: 25
Net Weight kg: 765Width mt: 1,95Usable Depth: 54,5 x 72

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