Item description: DV.300

Automatic machine with conveyor belt conceived for all kind of perimetric bonding and /or for bonding any point of a piece placed on a flat surface.

Equipped with 2 spray guns model G6 with adhesive nozzle mm 1,2 whose width of jet goes from a minimum of 3 mm up to a maximum of 22 mm with a mistake of +/- 1 mm.

The machine is equipped with industrial Computer, 6 megapixel telecamera, Network Interface Controller preset for remote access and monitor LCD 19".

Software for the management of 4 axles X-Y-Z-W.

Models editor software.

Moreover, the system can also be equipped with a drying tunnel which guarantees fast adhesive drying under any climatic condition.

The operator places the materials to be bonded on the conveyor belt.

The pieces are automatically transferred inside the machine, to the spraying area.

At this point, bonding takes place automatically due to a visualisation and identification system for the pieces placed on the counter; at the exit the materials are ready to be coupled.

Thanks to this system, the materials are not displaced so there are no idle times due to the manual management of these working phases.

The powerful intake prevents even the lightest materials from moving due to the air coming out of the spray gun and at the same time it stops the pulverized particles of adhesive from spreading around the machine.


Capacity m3/h: 3050Volt: 400 V acPrevalence: 53Hertz: 50
Watt: 1500Bar exercise: 6Decibel (dB): < 80Ampere: 7
Air lt/min: 50Effective width cm: 54,5Usable depth cm: 72Average consumption: 1,5 KW-H
Gross Weight kg: 700.000Tare Kg: .000Length mt: 3.57Height mt: 2.52
Net Weight kg: 700.000mt Width: 1.95Volume m3: 17.54298