Item description: STENDITORE

The drying rack with 12 metallic rods has been designed for the optimization of our spraying systems.

The simple and fast set up of the nets helps to reduce idle times caused by the positioning and removal process for every single piece placed on the working bench.

This equipment allows you to keep together a large number of pieces of materials which are in the drying phase, occupying a small area.

The nets are available in the following sizes: GRID 60 = CM. 60 X 55 GRID 24 = CM. 90 X 50 GRID 145 = CM. 140 X 60


Capacity m3/h:Volt:Prevalence:Hertz:
Watt:Bar exercise:Decibel (dB):Ampere:
Air lt/min:Effective width cm:Usable depth cm:Average consumption:
Gross Weight kg: 33.550Tare Kg: .000Length mt: 0.68Height mt: 1.8
Net Weight kg: 33.550mt Width: 0.66Volume m3: 0.807