Item description: P300D

The press is equipped with a mould for women shoes and boots.

The machine is provided with a timer and an equipment for eliminating bending of the upper during the pressing phase.

Combined with spray systems it becomes a working station to speed up and optimize the working process while guaranteeing a perfect bonding quality - even for synthetic materials - using water based adhesives.

Thanks to the particular mould characteristics with temperatures adjustable up to 140 degrees, the upper has such an arrangement which will make easier the next assembling phase.

The operator after bonding the toe-puff on the upper and after applying the adhesive, puts the upper upside down between the mould and the pad.

Pushing the pedal, the upper mould will lower till reaching the lower mould and after it will block.

Immediately after it is necessary to push the side buttons with two hands, without releasing the pedal, so that the mould will be totally closed for a pre-defined time.

In this way the stretching phase will be over and the upper will be released and ready for the assembling.


Capacity m3/h:Volt: 230 V acPrevalence:Hertz: 50
Watt: 900Bar exercise: 4Decibel (dB):Ampere: 4
Air lt / min:Effective width cm:Usable depth cm:Average consumption:
Gross Weight kg: 70.000Tare Kg: 17.000Length mt: 0.8Height mt: 0.79
Net Weight kg: 53.000mt Width: 1.2Volume m3: 0.758

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