Item description: I380CR

The machine is composed by:

- Vacuum bench placed on base with wheels with adjustable height for an easy displacement inside the factory and equipped with a silent and powerful engine to contain even more of the nebulized adhesive.

- Spray gun G6 designed for both precise and large areas to be bonded. In particular, it is possible to spray the glue from a minimum of 3 mm up to a maximum of 50 mm.

- Base for gravity system.

The spray gun is fed directly by the adhesive bag placed on a specific stainless steel base at a higher point which, allows the flow of the adhesive by means of the natural gravity.

The spray gun is held up by an equalizer for making it easy to handle.

It can be set going manually by pressing a lever or through a pedal so to leave the operator's hands free.

The operator, after starting the machine, can place the materials on the working plane so to make maximum use of the intake on the working plane for both keeping the materials standing and absorbing the nebulized adhesive.

All the spray gun functions can be adjusted: quantity of adhesive, width of jet and quality of distribution even on different thicknesses.

For a proper functioning of the vacuum bench it is recommended to replace the filter each time is visibly dirty or when the vacuum bench is not intaking properly.

A jet of air immediately before and after the adhesive nebulization keeps the nozzle constantly clean.

Our systems are maintenance free.


Capacity m3/h: 800Volt: 230Prevalence: 70Hertz: 50
Watt: 36Bar exercise: 6Decibel (dB): 63.3Ampere: 0.31/0.36
Air lt/min: 30Effective width cm: 60Usable depth cm: 37Average consumption:
Gross Weight kg: 28.550Tare Kg: 2.000Length mt: 0.71Height mt: 1.09
Net Weight kg: 26.550mt Width: 0.56Volume m3: 0.433384