Description / Nature of the product:
Acqueous dispersion of a polymer based on polyurethane modified, ca.35%

Application by:
Spray gun, brush.

Bandaging and coupling of metal with leather and textiles.

Instructions for use:
PRIMER M can be mixed with HARTER FI 1002 A and applied on a metal surface within 4 hours; let it dry completely for at least one hour and couple within 3 days with leather or textile after applying ECOSTICK® 1816B on both sides. Couple when the product ECOSTICK® 1816B is still damp or within 20/30 minutes after the adhesive is dried. After this period, reactivate both sides at 60°C.

Open Time:
3 days.

Guarantees perfect adhesion on metals and waterproof materials.

Shake PRIMER M before use.

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