Intercom has been selected by Intesa San Paolo as “Winning Enterprise 2020”, within the Fashion and Design sector of companies in Tuscany.

The Winning Enterprises of 2020 edition have been identified on the basis of success factors that make them ‘champions’ of their territory, with particular attention to the social impact and the ability to generate value in terms of sustainability, innovation, investment in human capital, ability to plan generational transition, internationalization, connection with the territory and its production chains.

The selection was therefore not limited to predefined product categories but has opened to the more transversal horizon of the typical industrial districts of their own territory.

Imprese Vincenti 2020

In order to define a winning enterprise several parameters have been evaluated also by professionals outside the bank.The selected SME first of all are economically strong and growing for three consecutive financial year,with a number of employees not in decrease and with positive profitability ratios.They are enterprises that created a winning business model in Italy and abroad, therefore to be considered also for this reason excellence of the Made in Italy.

They are companies whose success factors make them “champions” of their territory, with particular attention to the social impact and to the ability to generate value especially in terms of sustainability.Investments in people or environmental sustainability have assumed a significant weight because they identify a company able to support the processes of change with a forward-looking strategy for growth and adaptation. The concept of excellence is in fact linked to the product, its visibility, its ability to succeed on the Italian and international market today, but also to intangible values that allow developing a business model of growth and sustainable over time.

Imprese Vincenti 2020

Many of them have registered and identifiable trademarks and patents, while others make the quality of the product their strength.Therefore, they are companies that have expressed the ability to focus on a set of advanced strategies in terms of internationalization, innovation, enhancement of the skills and talents of their human capital.

The result is a group of companies able to express, in front of the COVID-19, an average turnover growth of 18%, an employee growth of 20% and an average ROE of 34%.Moreover, they are companies that - even at this difficult stage- are working hard to keep on the market, to adapt their business models to the context and to support their own business.

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