Detalles del artículo: G6.410

Spray gun with handle, 1,2 mm nozzle for spraying from 3 to 50 mm for the system S14. The spraying gun is designed to be able to assemble alternatively a nozzle in order to obtain a width of jet up to 200mm.


Caudal m3/h:Volt:Cabeza:Air lt/min:Bar ejercicio: 0
Decibel (dB):Watt:Hertz:Ampere:Consumo medio:
Peso bruto kg: 0,35Tare Kg: 0,027Longitud mt: 0,17Altura mt: 0,04Volumen m3: 0
Peso Neto Kg: 0,323Ancho mt: 0,17Plan de trabajo util cm: x

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