Description / Nature of the product:
Acqueous dispersion of a polymer based on polyurethane modified, ca.50%

Application by:
Spray gun, roller machine.

Ideal to couple and fold leather, fabrics, linings, regenerated cardboards and greasy leather. Ideal for gluing PVC, nylon and ready made rubbers.

Instructions for use:
Apply the adhesive on both sides. Let it dry, couple both sides within 10 minutes after the adhesive is dried and press. If the open time is exceeded, reactivate at 60°C, couple and press.

Open Time:
Used as cold adhesive, the open time is 5 - 10 minutes depending on the quantity and the material on which it is applied. With the addition of hardener it can have a pot life of 4 hours and a useful time of 2 hours for the reactivation. Using the adhesive without hardener and with heat reactivation, from the time the adhesive film becomes dry, it has a useful time for the reactivation of up to 15 days. Storage conditions must be in the absence of dust and / or dirt and other types of contamination.

One-component adhesive; cold bonding; bonding is also possible using activation; yellowing proof. With the addition of 3-5% of cross linker it is ideal for greasy leather with more than 15% - 18% grease.

When highest heat resistance is requested, we suggest adding Hardener.