Description / Nature of the product:
Acqueous dispersion of a polymer based on modified polyurethane.

Application by:
Spray gun, brush, sponge.

Water based adhesive ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards. Good bonding strength also on synthetics and other plastic materials. Suitable for gluing leather having a grease content up to 8%.

Instructions for use:
If it is used as a classic contact adhesive apply ECOSTICK® 1816C on both sides, let it dry and couple. Coupling is possible after 5 minutes from drying point. If it is used as a contact adhesive apply on one or both sides and couple when it is still wet.

Open Time:
Up to 2 hours when applied on both sides.

Water based adhesive with good tack, long open time and fast bonding.

One of the materials to be bonded must be absorbing, otherwise let it dry completely and use the classic contact adhesive technology.