Item description: A2.3

Automatic bonding system, equipped with a 100 cm insulated drying tunnel with hot air which can reach temperatures up to 110 degrees with circulation of internal air to minimise the consumption; spray gun model G9 with jet that can be adjusted from a cone shape of 15 mm up to 200 mm, adjustable conveyor belt 270 cm with chain, Teflon stainless steel adhesive tank 10 lt. capacity, aspiration equipped with powerful aspiration motor for optimum performance.

The new structure of the bench is designed in order to optimize the aspiration capacity of the motor.

It is also possible to add a second aspirator.

On request, it is possible to add a second spray gun on the axle in order to use different kind of adhesives and or one or more manual spray guns.

The operator places the materials on the padded carpet of the conveyor belt which automatically brings the materials under the spray gun where the adhesive is applied in a uniform way.

Afterwards the materials go inside the drying tunnel for quick drying of the adhesive under any climatic condition.

At the tunnel exit the materials are ready to be coupled.

Thanks to this system, the materials are not displaced so there are no idle times due to the manual management of these working phases.

The aspiration system has been designed to prevent even the lightest materials from moving due to the air coming out from the spray gun.

Thus, it guarantees the total absence of fine dust particles of adhesive around the machine.

The conveyor belt with chain guarantees an efficient moving process even when the filter becomes heavier due to the adhesive being filtered.

This perfect temperature control inside the oven results in reduction of drying times and therefore, we have managed to design a machine of reduced length resulting in less space occupied by the machine in the working area.


Capacity m3/h: 3050Volt: 400 VacPrevalence: 53+270Air lt/min: 180-200Bar exercise: 7
Decibel (dB): 79Watt: 4500Hertz: 50Ampere: 8,4Average consumption: 4500
Gross Weight kg: 532,000Tare Kg:Length mt: 3,25Height mt: 2,00Volume m3: 12,80
Net Weight kg: 532,000Packaging Kg:Width mt: 1,95Useful work plan cm: 150 x 307