Following an in-depth work of R&D, Intercom is glad to announce two new Automatic Machines STEP versions, named A3" and A4.

These new versions introduce the following innovations:

  1. The working width of the machine has been increased to 1800 mm, in the case of A3, and from 1000 mm to 1200 mm in the case of A4.
  2. A new intake vacuum technology has been implemented so to minimize the risks of overspray. The new intake technology ensures that the suction remains constant, progressively increasing the rotation of the engine when the carpet/conveyor of the machine becomes partially covered by adhesive, after hours/days of work.
  3. The new devices are equipped with an air exhaust duct integrated into the body of the machine, eliminating the flexible tube present in previous versions.
  4. New touch screen with a more user friendly interface, more customizable working setting and new electronic components.

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