Item description: D5.10

Application system composed of a plastic tube with specially designed nozzle which allows a precise adhesive application of 5,5 mm width and a thin and omogeneous layer of adhesive to achieve quick drying of the adhesive.

Essential for the application of water based adhesives for the production of uppers, leather garments, boxes, albums, diaries, wallets and handbags. This practical easy to use system allows rapid refill of the plastic bottle, thus speeding up the work without any idle time.


容量m3/h:伏特:流通率:空气 lt/分钟:气压值(Bar): 0
分贝 (dB):瓦特:赫兹:安培:平均消耗量:
毛重kg: 0,189皮重kg: 0,004长度 mt: 0高度 mt: 0体积 m3: 0
净重 kg: 0,185宽度 mt: 0可用深度: x

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